In June of 2008, three Canadian English teachers(Phil, Maria and Sylvia) and a Korean(current president, John) organized HOPE - Helping Others Prosper through English. They wanted to address the problem of unequal access to English lessons for children in Seoul, specifically those from low-income or disadvantaged families. HOPE was created to provide a fun, safe and accessible place for underprivileged children to learn English, free of charge.

HOPE is a non-profit and non-government organization that is led and managed by foreigners and Koreans together. It is currently one of the largest volunteer-based foreigner organizations in Korea with 20 different centers located throughout Seoul. These centers were made possible through partnerships formed with like-minded, non-profit organizations aimed at helping children.

The School of HOPE. This is the name of HOPE’s largest project. HOPE plans to open its own school, independent of any partner host center. The School of HOPE will provide free, intensive English lessons with the possibility for top students to study in Canada, completely free of charge.

Monthly Volunteering Opportunities - campaigns currently underway include serving food to the homeless and helping out at orphanages. HOPE plans to provide additional, non-teaching volunteer opportunities to foreigners that vary in cause, responsibility, activity and time commitment.


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 [re] official  (2010/04/18)     
How are you doing John?

Yes, we are registered as NGO since summer of 2009.

Thank you for your interest.

>I was wondering if you are (or trying to become) an official non profit organization in Korea.
>Thank you.